1. Company Overview

Global Exchange S.A.R.L is a young company legally recognized in the Democratic Republic of Congo since May 2014; however the company has been active since 2009.  Global Exchange S.A.R.L is a full marketing and communication Service Company located in Lubumbashi, south of Kinshasa, DRC’s capital city.

  1. Goals

 Our goals includes transforming emotions into actions by creating a ground-breaking brand experience for our customers through cooperation that inspires consumers, increases sales and promotes business growth.

  1. Advertising
Global Exchange
Global Exchange

Perimiter advertising is our job, let us do it right

Global Exchange S.A.R.L is proposing billboard advertising for your business.  As a new company in the DRC, billboard advertising is best as it captures a reader’s attention.  Studies in the DRC, have shown that billboard advertising is the most excellent type of advertising for one looking at business growth; this followed by television.



Global Exchange

We will find space for you in different places, thanks to our partners







Gloabal Exchange
Gloabal Exchange

Great Escapades, we will cover all your media needs

A team of journalists are also available for reports

We also offer TV advertising services




4. The Profitability

The boards are positioned on highly visible, heavy traffic locations, this in order to constantly remind potential clients of your products.

5. Contract Terms

Typically purchased for a period of one month

6. The Conclusion

Our teams of advertising agents are creative qualified marketers not only working for us but also in TV stations around the town of Lubumbashi.  We are constantly in the presence of potential customers looking for business growth through partnership.  Our services will put yours ahead of the pack by targeting potential customers.